Toddler Easter Essentials

Toddler Easter Essentials


I’m a big believer in the less is more mentality-especially when it comes to holiday gifts. Easter has to be one of my favourite holidays (after Christmas) to start new family traditions, do fun, themed activities, and to put together fun gifts for my little.

Wal Mart is an awesome place to grab Easter buckets-I tend to prefer the plastic as opposed to the wicker baskets-they’re more durable for on the go toddlers, plus they come in handy come warmer weather for beach/sandbox trips. They’re generally about $3 and under, and come in a bunch of cute prints. 
My little is obsessed with Kinder eggs, he doesn’t generally care about the toy much-but he loves the chocolate. Kinder always comes out with Easter versions of their classic eggs, which are always an easy chocolatey add on to an Easter basket. I find Wal Mart to generally have the best prices for these guys.
I have a tad bit of an obsession with Jellycat’s stuffies-especially their bunnies-so any excuse to buy one is a good excuse to me lol.  Indigo is my general go to store for these guys, but they are available online at places like
Hunter boots are a little pricey-but worth it if you’re brand conscious and want the quality. Rain boots are a perfect add on to an Easter basket, because what better season then spring to go puddle jumping? 



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