Feeding Toddlers


When I worked in daycare, I dreaded meal times. Picky children are frustrating, but when you put a group of them together, it’s just that much more horrible. So, when I was pregnant, I thought I’d hate meal times with my own child as well. Apparently, I was mistaken. 

I adore meal times with my little! I love perusing Pinterest for new and creative ways to make meals and snacks for him, and since he’s been on solids, he’s ignited a passion for food and cooking I never knew I had.

As a child, I was picky. Everything made me nauseous, so I just avoided most things. Growing up in a house with an uber picky father as well, my mom was limited for family meal options, so needless to say, I didn’t experience many different tastes throughout my childhood.

Well, I lucked out with a little who will eat pretty much everything, and is generally willing to try anything. 


My general go to for meals and fun ideas is Pinterest. But another super awesome site run by a mom who appreciates organic as much as I do is Yummy Toddler Food. She has tons of healthy, homemade, toddler approved meal ideas, and also posts a lot of helpful tips and advice on feeding toddlers-picky or not.



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