Tips on Feeding Littles 

I have a few rules I stick to when it comes to feeding my Little, and so far, they’ve been pretty successful. I know feeding toddlers/preschoolers can be a super frustrating experience-but if you stick to these guidelines, hopefully you can have some success-and make meal times a more enjoyable experience.


  1. Offer a variety or colourful, different shaped/textured options. Hit up the dollar store or Bulk Barn and grab a few differently shaped cookie cutters. It’s an easy way to turn boring food into fun shapes.
  2. Try, try, try again. Toddlers are the most fickle little creatures ever-just because they like something one day, doesn’t mean they’ll like it the next day, and vice versa. My rule is 3 strikes and you’re out-meaning offer a particular food 3 different times, but try and present it in different, interesting ways. If after those 3 times your Little is still not biting 🙂 then maybe move on to something different. And don’t offer it 3 times in a row, break it up a little.
  3. Don’t ever force a child to eat. We as adults aren’t forced to eat-we eat when we’re hungry. And some days my Little eats like it’s going out of style, and sometimes he barely has a nibble. Let them tell you when they’re hungry and, please, LISTEN!
  4. Same goes for finishing everything on their plate. They may only choose to take a few bites from each option on their plate-but that’s ok! Wrap up the left overs for another day.
  5. Make their meals “finger meals”, meaning make everything on their plate something they can eat with their fingers-or utensils if they are old enough to/choose to. Even if I’ve made a dish for the hubby and I, I still generally make up a finger plate for Little. Sometimes I just seperate the ingredients from the main meal-or I make him his own. I always include a fruit and veggie, a grain, and a protein (plant or meat).
  6. Don’t withhold things from them, just because you personally don’t like them. For example-I cannot stand celery (bad childhood experience), but Little loves it dipped in hummus or “Ants of A Log” style-so I make it for him. If you push your likes and dislikes on your child, then you’re not letting them experience everything there is in the glorious world that is food! 
  7. Let them help prep and cook. As soon as I mention I’m making dinner, baking cooking etc, Little comes running and pushes his “helper chair” over to the counter. I let him do what is age appropriate-and he loves it. He also learns the names of ingredients and loves to sample things as we go.



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