The Battle of the Non Plastic Sippy Cup

We try our best to use dishes that have no plastics in them. It’s tough-especially with a toddler. Here are our top four go to brands for sippy cups, that are baby/toddler friendly, and pretty much entirely free of plastics. We’ll rate them from our favourite, to least favourite, with pros and cons for each.


Pros: We love these cups quite simply because they’re completely free of any plastics. The body of the cup is entirely food grade stainless steel, making it durable if dropped ( minus a few dents), and the bottle nipple, sippy spout or straw are silicone. You can buy the cup starting as a bottle or sippy, and take it all the way up to a solid cap water bottle for school aged kids just by switching out the tops.

Cons: the price tag. And we’re not huge fans of the silicone travel lid. It’s easy to misplace (we’ve lost two) and doesn’t always stop leaks when packed. 

Pros: very limited amount of plastic. The cap is made from BPA free plastic, but when used as an infant bottle, the liquid and baby’s mouth only come in contact with the silicone nipple. The sippy cap is plastic as well, but has a silicone insert to stop leaks, so essentially no liquid comes in contact with the plastic, and a very limited amount is in your child’s mouth. Glass can be daunting, but with the fun, colourful silicone sleeves, it makes them a bit more resistant to breaks.

Cons: the fact that the sippy spout is plastic. After wear and tear with a teething toddler, the plastic sometimes gets scraped, which means little is likely ingesting it in minuscule amounts. 

Pros: no plastic goes into baby’s mouth. The entire body of the bottle is glass, and the nipple is made from Natursutten’s famous natural rubber.

Cons: the cap the nipple goes into is plastic. Plus, the anti-colic system (a little valve that goes under the nipple) is plastic, meaning the liquid goes through plastic before going into baby’s mouth. Plus, they don’t have any kind of cover, so as baby gets older, they could be a little slippery to let them hold themselves. 

Pros: the body of the cup is entirely stainless steel. Plus, it has handles, making it easy for little hands to hold. Also has the option to be used as a straw or sippy cup.


Cons: the straw and sippy spout are both plastic, meaning the liquid and child’s mouth are both coming in contact with it.



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