Meal Time Essentials 

As I said in my post about sippy cups, we like to try to avoid plastics. So finding child friendly, non plastic dishes and travel snack items can be tough. These 5 items are things that make meal time and travel a lot easier in our house.

These silicone “placemats” are beyond awesome. An all in one bowl/dish and mat saves time on clean up, plus prevents little hands from tossing it onto the floor, since it suctions to the table top. They come in a variety of fun colours, are microwave and dishwasher friendly, puncture resistant, and don’t stain and absorb stuff like yucky plastic dishes do. The bowl is perfect for toddler sized cereal breakfasts, but I especially love it for when Little has soup-it all ends up on the mat instead of the table or floor. We love the full sized mat because it makes presenting fun, colourful, nutritious meals easy. 

These Canadian made snack bags come in a range of cute patterns, and two different sizes. They have a zipper closure, are machine washable, and have a water resistant lining that prevents snacks from leaking through. They’re the perfect size to toss into any bag, and are easy enough for little hands to open on their own. 

Besides being cute, these child sized utensils have wide handles with grip ridges on the side that make them a little less slippery for little hands to grasp. Part of the Skip Hop Zoo line, you can even choose to get matching plates/bowls/straw bottles etc to match your cutlery set. The part I like the most about these is that the part that actually goes into the child’s mouth is stainless steel, eliminating the worry about them chewing on plastic. 

  • Wean Green Glass Snack Cubes-retail for $27.99 CDN for a set of 4 7 oz cubes-available at Parenting by Nature

If you want a perfect sized, no leak snack container, then these are for you. With multi coloured, snap on lids, these are durable despite being glass-and we’ve never had an issue with leaks. We use them at home and out and about, and sometimes as  a “dip-dip” bowl for Little when he has hummus with his veggies etc. 

  • Anchor Glass “Prep Bowls”

I got these small bowls in a set of Anchor glass food storage dishes I bought awhile back, and I realized they’re actually a great size for little hands and hold a perfect amount of food for toddler snacking. Plus, they have lids to help make storing leftovers easier. We sometimes use these for”dip-dip” bowls for Little as well. 


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