All Natural, Canadian Made Body Care

Since Little was born just over two years ago, I’ve learned a lot about what makes body care products truly natural-and how a lot of companies will claim it, but it’s not necessarily true. We didn’t have many issues for the first year, but once he hit the first birthday milestone, I started noticing Little was getting scaly, dry eczema patches on his back and shoulders-and no matter how often I put lotion on it, it wouldn’t clear up. We took him off dairy, which helped significantly, but they’d still pop up once in awhile. So I started researching. And I started learning. Learning that the brand of lotion I was using that was supposed to be all natural, was indeed not. It had some interesting preservatives added, and when I looked into possible side effects of those preservatives, I was a little shocked to see the possible risks involved.

One of the most common preservatives that gets added to a lot of products that claim to be all natural is something called phenoxyethanol. It’s a vaccine preservative and potential allergen, and is also neurotoxic. Ingestion could cause respiratory depression, vomitting and diarrhea in infants. 😟 It popped up in some big name brands such as Burt’s Bees Baby, Live Clean Baby and certain products from Gaia.

So, the hubby and I went on a search for products that didn’t contain this nasty preservative and other yuckies-and let me tell you, it’s tough!

Behold! My holy grail of all natural products-and when I say all natural-I mean as natural as a bare little baby butt sitting in the grass. Nothing added-no preservatives. And bonus! They’re made in Canada!

  • Substance by Matter CompanyBaby’s Own Chest Rub-retails for $12.00 CDN

                                                                         Nipple Creme-retails for $11.95 CDN

                                                                         Natural Sun Care Creme- retails for $18.95 CDN

I love Substance! Made in Toronto, they have absolutely nothing added to any of their products. They’re safe and trustworthy, and most importantly, they work. I especially love the Sun Creme. It’s thick and spreads well and works effectively.  A little goes a long way, and even with using it daily, the tube lasted us well through the summer months.

Their nipple creme is lanolin free (lanolin is a fatty substance found on sheep’s wool. It can contain pesticides that are used to kill bacteria on the sheep’s wool before the lanolin is extracted), and their chest rub is pertrolatum free (petrolatum is on David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen Toxic Ingredients list and is found in Vick’s Infant VapoRub and other popular brands).

Find Substance by Matter Company at Liam and Lauren Baby , SnuggleBugz, and

  • Baby and Eve- Mummy Tummy-retails for $29.99 CDN

                                          Special Bum Balm- $14.99 CDN

Baby and Eve is a brand I discovered when I started my job at a local baby boutique. It’s made in Toronto, and also contains no additives or preservatives.

I didn’t get any stretch marks until about 38 weeks into my pregnancy-and then surprise, they unfortunately decided to show up. I had even been using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter cream, but they still came, regardless. My boss offered me a container of Baby and Eve’s Mummy Tummy to try – and my stretch marks have actually significantly faded after using the cream each time I get out of the shower for the last several months. It’s a rich, moisturizing balm that soaks in quite quickly, and isn’t super greasy. And smells yum!

The Special Bum Balm has worked wonders for Little-on his bum when he’s had rashes from teething-but I’ve also used it for chapped cheeks in the winter, and his eczema patches-and it clears up dry skin and rashes quite quickly. It, like the Mummy Tummy, is not overly greasy or goopy, and absorbs quickly. I’ve heard some customers aren’t the biggest fans of the tea tree oil smell the balm has, but it hasn’t bothered me.

Find Baby and Eve products at , Liam and Lauren Baby and SnuggleBugz


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