Teething Sucks

Teething sucks. Big time. The drooling, the achy gums, the chapped cheeks, the ancey baby-it’s not an enjoyable time for anyone involved. I’ll always remember my family doctor telling me at one of Little’s appointments when he was a baby-that if we as adults had to teethe, we’d all be in the hospital. It’s a painful, seemingly never ending time in every baby’s life-but there are things that can at least help make it easier.

This list is just a few of the teething aid options out there-ones we’ve found have worked for us-or ones I know customers at my work adore.

A stylish necklace for mom to wear, but baby to chew-these necklaces are a great on the go option. Made from food grade silicone and with each bead individually knotted, they’re fun, colourful and come in a large variety of different styles and colours. I also love these for older Little’s. I recently picked one up for Little to chew on and fiddle with while we’re out running errands, and it helps keep him occupied and mellow.

Super cute and super stylish, these bandanna bibs are 100% cotton on the front, and flannelet on the back, making them super absorbent for those drooling, teething babes. They come in a selection of cute prints, and they also make beautiful infinity scarves for Lovely’s and Little’s-with mama’s scarf being able to double as a nursing cover. Bonus, it’s a mama-owned Canadian shop, so always nice to support Canadian business.

Drooling and mild fevers seem to go hand in hand with teething-and so do red, chapped cheeks. Substance to the rescue! All natural, and in easy stick form, this balm is easy to apply to cherry red cheeks, to help calm and moisturize the skin. It’s not at all greasy, a little goes a long way, and it’s made in Toronto. This stuff is also great in the cold, dry winter months we Canadians love so much. 😊🇨🇦

Easy for little hands to hold and with different textured ridges along the ring, these silicone teethers are awesome. Small enough to toss into a diaper bag or purse, you can also wear them as bracelets. They come in 3 different colour sets-yellow/green, blue/green and pink/purple. They’re also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean after little has dropped it for the millionth time. 😊

We can’t keep these awesome mitts in store. They’re fun with a quirky, crinkle noise-they’re functional with a textured silicone, chewable surface-and they’re convenient because they can be worn on either hand, so it doesn’t matter if little is a lefty or righty. Made by a fellow mama, it’s one of the best things on the market right now for teething-especially if you have an early teether who can’t grasp or hold onto toys quite yet. Teething babes love putting their fingers in their mouth to relieve sore gums, this is just a more fun, easier way to do it. Plus, it’s machine washable.

These cute little chubby sticks help massage little’s sore gums, on their own terms. Designed to be easy for tiny hands to hold, little can chew their hearts out, or gnaw and suck as much as they want on these guys. Made with an anti-choke shield to help prevent gagging, they come in 3 different colour sets-green/orange, purple/pink and blue/white.  They’re dishwasher safe and easy to tote in a diaper bag or purse.

Other great options are using a mesh Baby Safe Feeder  and putting frozen fruit, breast milk or plain ice cubes in it. Also, if you have a little who enjoys chewing on fabric, a nice option is the Zooley Ringly,  a fun, animal shaped buddy made from organic cotton with a removable wooden ring that can be replaced with any teether of your choice.

And remember, while in the midst of teething, always think “this too shall pass”-cause before you know it, that rosy cheeked little will be off to college-so enjoy it while it lasts 😊


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