My Top 3 Store Bought Brands for Starting Solids

We all have the best intentions when starting to feed our littles solids, that we want to give them the best that’s out there-and usually that means making it yourself. At least I had that intention when we started with solids-and it remained just that, an intention. I chose for my family to go with store bought, as opposed to homemade-but you need to choose what you feel is best for your family.  Here’s my list of my 3 favourite brands available in stores now-and why I love them.

Love Child Organics

This brand was the new guy in the game two years ago when Little was just starting out-but they continue to evolve with new products-and I have an absolute love affair with them.

Made by a Canadian couple who came up with the idea while trying to make food for their own two littles, these pouches are power packed with organic fruits and veggies and even have two super foods-quinoa and acerola fruit-added to each one of their blends, to make it just that much more nutritionally dense. The main reason I LOVE Love Child Organics is that they have absolutely nothing added to their purees-no preservatives, no nothing. Just natural goodness.

They offer a wide variety of flavours in their convenient pouches, from single fruits like apples, pears, peaches and mangoes,to blends like kale-pear-peas or corn-squash-apple. We’ve tried every one and adore them. They also have three blends with yogurt added.

Even with Little now being two years old, we still use their pouches for on the go snacks or for days when he doesn’t have much of an appetite.

Their ever expanding snack line is great too-and generally one of the only ones I trust for  buying packable snacks for Little to have when we’re out and about or I need something quick at home.

  • Their Oaty Chomp and Fruity Chomp bars are made with clean ingredients, no added sugar and contain superfoods like quinoa, chia, and amaranth.
  • Their Owlies cookies are made with spelt flour, as opposed to wheat, for easier digestion-and have a simple ingredient list, and are low in sugar. I tend to munch on them with Little. 😊
  • Their Love Duck puffs don’t have any of the additives and preservatives brands like Gerber etc have, but are made with GMO free corn and rice flour, sunflower oil and dehydrated fruits and veggies. Little especially adores these-he often eats the whole bag in a sitting.
  • Their Toodle-O’s are a great alternative to Cheerioes or other sugary cereals. They’re made with rice, buckwheat, millet and amaranth and are fortified with iron.
  • Pat-a-Cakes are a yummy, lightly flavoured with fruit and veggie, puffed brown rice cracker that come in a few different flavours. Our favourite has always been the carrot+pumpkin.

Find Love Child Organics in store at Wal Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Zehrs/Loblaws, Rexall pharmacies and a variety of other stores-or online at and Snugglebugz.

Ella’s Kitchen

Besides Love Child Organics, Ella’s Kitchen was one of the only other brands that I could find in stores that didn’t add any preservatives or additives to their food-you got exactly what it said on the package and nothing else.

These purees tend to be a little thicker then some other brands, due to the fact that Ella’s doesn’t add any water to dilute to purees.  This didn’t seem to phase Little much, but for some kids who may have a sensitivity to texture, they may not enjoy the thicker taste.

In Canada- at least from what I’ve found-these pouches are only available in stores in blends, so be sure to try single fruits and veggies first before introducing mixes, to make sure there are no allergies.

Find Ella’s Kitchen in stores at Babies R Us, and Real Canadian Superstore. Also available online at

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food

The variety for this brand is awesome. From fruit/veggie blends, to grains/superfoods/ and single fruits and veggies, there’s no shortage to choose from.

My only complaint with Happy Baby is they tend to use preservatives- like citric acid-in their pouches and snacks. They also have added sugar to some of their yogurt snacks. But seemingly on much less of a scale then brands such as Gerber or Parent’s Choice. 

But on the plus side, a lot of their blends have added super foods similar to Love Child, like salba, a type of chia seed, and brown rice and quinoa. They’re a great option if the first two aren’t readily available.

Available in store at Wal Mart.


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