Tips For Stroller Shopping

I’ll admit-I totally have a stroller fetish. Even before Little was born-before I knew I was pregnant even-I knew I wanted a Bugaboo stroller. I loved the look of them, loved the bassinet feature, and loved the fact that you could completely customize it. What I didn’t love so much was the price tag. So when it came to stroller shopping, the hubby made me a deal-I could have the one I wanted-if I could find it for a reasonable price second hand. I lucked out-I managed to find it in a town close by for an amazing price-and we picked it up the next night.

Not everyone knows what they want, like I did, when it comes to strollers. A lot of parents spend hours shopping and researching brands, features, cost etc of hundreds of different strollers only to be left even more confused. I’m here to offer a few tips in what to consider when buying a stroller-new or second hand-and hopefully make it a little easier.


  • What is your budget? Strollers, along with cribs and car seats are generally going to be your first major purchases when you find out you have a little on the way. Strollers can range all the way from about $100 up to $2000 +, so be sure to set out how much you’re going to want or be able to spend. A few lower cost options that are still excellent strollers would be the Guzzie and Guss Goose Stroller at $199.99 CDN or the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller for $169.99 CDN (although this one can only be used 6 months +)
  • Do you want a travel system? Or mix and match? Here’s the thing I hear a lot from people who buy travel systems-they love the car seat, but hate the stroller, or vice versa. A lot of times strollers that come as part of a travel system end up being bigger and bulkier then others, but you generally get more bang for your buck buying it this way, especially if you’re on a budget. The benefits of mixing and matching is that you can customize it to fit your tastes. The downside is that generally, you end up having to buy a car seat adapter so that you’re able to use your car seat on your stroller-so be aware that can be an extra cost of anywhere from $40-$100. A popular combination we see at my work is the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 ($329.99 CDN) with the Baby Jogger City Elite ( $629.99 CDN). For travel systems, I’ve often heard the Peg Perego Book Classico Travel Sytem ($529.99 CDN) gets top marks.
  • What are you going to be using your stroller for the most? I always ask customers this, because this is one of the the most important thing to consider. Do you live an active lifestyle? Do you hike/offroad/camp etc? Then generally a 3 wheeled stroller like the Baby Jogger Summit X3 ($599.99 CDN) or the BOB Revolution ($599.99 CDN) could make good choices for you. Both those, plus the Thule Urban Glide  ($499.99 CDN) or Thule Glide ($449.99 CDN) would be smart choices if you’re an avid runner/jogger. If you generally just walk sidewalks and malls, an awesome choice would be the Nuna IVVI Stroller ($999.99 CDN) or the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 ($1,288.99 + CDN).
  • How big is your vehicle? Meaning,how much trunk space do you have to transport your stroller?  Strollers now-a-days can be pretty big-and heavy. You need to consider what you want to be collapsing/opening, and lugging in and out of your vehicle when doing every day activities. Some people choose to buy a “full size” stroller, as well as an “umbrella” stroller for travel-but this isn’t always cost effective. Some great strollers that are lightweight and compact, but still great for everyday use are the UppaBaby Cruz ($699.99 CDN) or the Bugaboo Bee($689.99 + CDN).
  • If this is your first, or second, are you intending on having more then one/one more? We ask this because there are a few great strollers on the market that are excellent quality, but also give you the awesome feature of converting a single stroller to a double stroller when the next little comes along. It saves you from having to buy a single stroller and then later on, having to buy a double. For inline options the UppaBaby Vista ( $1249.99 CDN for single) and the Baby Jogger City Select ($729.99 CDN for single) are our two top sellers. If you prefer a “double wide” style, the Bugaboo Donkey ($1259.99 +CDN) or the Mountain Buggy Duet ($749.99 CDN) are popular choices.
  • Do you travel a lot?  Depending on your lifestyle or job, if you travel by plane, train or automobile a lot, you want a stroller that’s going to go with you, and be light and compact. The  Mountain Buggy Nano ($399.99 CDN) folds small enough to fit into an overhead compartment of a plane, and also accommodates most infant car seats, without having to buy a seperate adapter. Another popular travel stroller is the UppaBaby G Luxe ($339.99 CDN) because of its quick and easy fold and built in shoulder strap for easy toting.
  • What features do you want?  Do you want a stroller with a bassinet? Do you want a stroller with a fully reclining seat? Do you want excellent sun protection?  A lot of the ones listed below accommodate a lot of those features, and then some.

Those are just some of the major considerations when choosing a stroller for your little. It’s an overwhelming process for a lot of new and experienced parents, but if you do your research and have some careful consideration, I’m sure you’ll find the one for your family-and love it!

Rock and roll! 😊👍🏻


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