Love Child Organics Savoury Baby Blends

Love Child Organics very graciously sent us a box of their new Savoury Baby Meals to try-and as expected-we were beyond impressed.

These organic, nutritious little power pouches pack up to 4-5 g of plant based proteins in each one-and coming from a dairy free, doesn’t really like meat toddler mom, the serving of protein is a blessing.

The texture of these pouches is quite a bit thicker and more textured then their others, and it threw Little for a bit of a loop the first couple of slurps before getting used to it.

The best thing about them-as usual-is that Love Child adds absolutely no additives, preservatives or any hidden ingredients-just yummy, delicious, natural food.

If you’re looking for easy, on the go, nutritious and organic food for little’s-definitely stop by your local Wal Mart to grab some-you won’t be disappointed! $1.67 CDN per pouch. Be sure to check out the rest of Love Child’s other amazing product line while you’re there.

A little added tip-if you worry about little gums and teeth getting sore on food pouch spouts, grab a 2 pack of ChooMee’s Sip’n Spouts-handy little silicone spout toppers that help protect little mouths and prevent spills. (You can see the orange one in the picture above). Available at SnuggleBugz.


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