Our Favourite, Simple, Outdoor Summer Toys for Tots

We love being outside. When the weather is nice, we’re out pretty much every day, all day, just soaking up the sun. I think most outdoor play should be done using the things we find outdoors-grass, bugs, sticks, rocks, dirt, city playgrounds or puddles. But here is a list of some of the favourite things we like to play with while outside, just to spice it up a little.🙂

  • Sidewalk Chalk– so much fun, and so cheap! Little hands can colour until their hearts content with a box of 20 pieces for $2.50 from the dollar store. There are tons of different variations on the market now, from 3D chalks, to spray chalk paint, it’s an excellent opportunity to not only hone their artistic abilities, but also practice fine motor skills, ABC’s and 123’s. If you want to change it up, try colouring on a wooden fence, or creating an outdoor chalk board with a piece of plywood and a few coats of chalkboard paint.

  • A balance bike. Our balance bike is a Skipper Balance Scooter, and they’re unfortunately not available in Canada anymore (unless you order off of UK Amazon). Best for children about 2.5 years and up, it teaches them balance without the use of training wheels and most adjust to grow with your child-and they’re super fun to race around on outside on a sunny day. Check out Balance Bikes Canada for some of the top rated brands available in Canada and where to find them.

  • Plastic trucks. Sand toys like buckets, pails and colanders are fun, but I find Little tends to enjoy his trucks more. We have a set of three CAT Construction trucks-a bulldozer, a dump truck and a digger. He spends hours dumping, loading and transporting gravel and sand around the park. Chapters/Indigo has an awesome selection of Bruder trucks and vehicles that would make great additions to your sand box play.

  • A wagon. Such a simple, classic toy, but it does so many things. It can help you pull loads of toys to the park or beach, is fun to ride in and pull, and with a little imagination it can become a rocket ship, a boat or a super fast race car. It also helps little ones establish independence and helping skills by letting them be the ones to pull the wagon on outings (as long as it’s not too loaded). Toys R Us Has an excellent selection of plastic, wooden, covered and uncovered wagons. 
  • An inflatable or plastic pool.  Water play is a must on the super hot days-and it’s always tons of fun. Kiddie pools are great to cool off in, splash around and have a blast-but always make sure your little is monitored while in it. A child can drown in even an inch of water, so be sure to dip your feet in and hang out with your little while they have some wet and wild fun. Finding a pool with a built in sun shade is always a bonus too-we really love the Covered Wading Pool from Canadian Tire.

Have fun! 😘🙂💕


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