In the Kitchen with Kids

I think teaching kids to love food is one of the greatest gifts to give. Food is a part of everyday life, part of our culture. It brings families together for meals and chatter, it can comfort you on bad days, it can hold memories. We need it.

Since Little was, well, little 😜, I’ve been getting him in the kitchen with me. He helps me bake, helps me cook, helps me prep-and it’s time I love with him, I look forward to it, and he does too.

It’s not only great bonding time, but it can help develop fine motor  and basic math skills as well. One of the best purchases we made was the inexpensive plastic kids cutlery from IKEA. While we don’t use it for eating (I have a thing with plastics lol) they’re the perfect size to help encourage little hands to learn how to cut up produce, scoop and mix with spoons or spear things with a fork, and maybe just get a little messy for fun. 👍🏻💕  Also, helping to measure out ingredients can assist in number knowledge and early math skills.

In my opinion, it can also help picky eaters start to overcome their distastes by introducing new foods, or letting them experience known foods in a different way. When I cook with Little, he always asks to try-and unless it’s something I know that could make him ill, like raw meat, I allow him too. He’s tried anything from red onion and different kinds of olives, to baking soda and egg shells 😝🙃. But the great thing is, he tried it-and on his own accord. He’s generally the kid that will choose the fruit over the sweets at a birthday party, so I’ve never had any major concerns about his eating habits, but getting him involved in the process of making family meals has opened up a whole new world for him.

Try it next time dinner time rolls around or your making cupcakes for the school bake sale-you never know, you might be raising the next Gordon Ramsay (hopefully without the temper and language lol 😘)

Happy dining! 🍴🍽🍴🍽

The helper stool was made for Little from his super cool Uncle Aaron. The pink mat is from EZPZ.


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