ChooMee Rocks! 

If you’re a food pouch loving mama like me, but aren’t exactly a fan of some of the things that company’s add to their purees, look no further then ChooMee’s new Snack’n Reusable Food Pouch.

These cute little critters hold 5 ounces of home made purees, apple sauce, yogurt or even thick smoothies in a BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free pouch, that are dishwasher (top rack) and freezer friendly. They’re totally leak proof, and super easy to fill and wash out through the wide mouth zipper opening in the bottom.

If you want to maximize the usage of your pouch, throw on one of ChooMee’s Sip’n Spouts to protect your little one’s mouth, and prevent food from squirting everywhere. We’ve used the silicone spouts since Little started on solids at six months, and still love them all this time later. They’re so easy to loop over the lid of a pouch and toss into a bag, knowing that not only are you giving your little person something cushiony to put in their mouth, but also that they’re not going to end up wearing it.

If you want to make the little things in life just that much simpler, check out ChooMee’s full range of products here. Pouches are unfortunately currently not able to be shipped to Canada, but Sip’n Spouts are available at Snugglebugz and through


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