Some of My Favourite Newborn Essentials

With our new little man arriving in May-there’s not much I need since we got everything with baby number one. Besides a few newborn sized summer clothes (our first was a winter baby), there were a few things that I absolutely adored using when Little was brand new-and wanted to get special for this little guy.

Honest Newborn Diapers and Wipes-$16.99 for 34 diapers (available at Chapters/Indigo, and Bed, Bath and Beyond) or $166.99 for’s newborn bundle of 306 diapers and 4 packs of wipes. $7.99 for individual packs of wipes. 

Babies in general, but especially newborns have sensitive, delicate skin that’s still adjusting to being outside the womb. Even with Little, at now 3 years old, I’m still very particular about what we put onto his skin, and try my best to only use all natural products. We had bad luck with both Huggies and Kirkland diapers in regards to rashes, and the synthetic fragrance and colouring of some types of Pampers never sat right with me. Honest diapers held up for us, never having issues with leaks or rashes, and their wipes are so thick and durable, you generally only need one for even the messiest poop explosions.


Carter’s Onsies-$18.00 for 5 pack short sleeve or 4 pack of long sleeve.

Inexpensive and durable, these onesies always fit my long, and slim Little the best, and after seeing our ultrasound pictures of our up and coming gentleman, we’re pretty sure he’s going to be built similar to his brother, so we’re going to stick with what worked best for us. These onesies come in a variety or prints, plain colours, or good old classic white, and hold up wash, after wash, after wash.


MAM newborn size pacifiers-$7.99 for a two pack (available at Babies R Us or WalMart

We’re a pacifier family. Little took one from birth, up until recently with no ill effects, and we intend on trying the use of one with our second. Not everyone is a fan, and that’s understandable-but for our family they worked great for soothing a fussy babe, reducing the risk of SIDS at night time and keeping babe calm during long car trips. With Little we had bought the Avent soothers, but they always looked so gigantic on his tiny little face. MAM specifically designs them to be properly shaped for the inside of baby’s mouth, but also so that the plastic outer piece doesn’t overwhelm their sweet little faces.


Lulujo  Bamboo Muslin Swaddle from their Modern Collection-$18.99 for one (available at Babies R Us)

We very unsuccessfully attempted to swaddle Little, until finally, when he was about two weeks old, we gave up-and to be honest, for him, he slept much better not swaddled. With this little guy, we definitely intend on trying to swaddle again and see how it goes. We love Aden and Anais bamboo swaddles as well, and have purchased a black and white set of theirs for the new baby-but Lulujo, at a better price point, and in my opinion, cuter range of prints, is a really great option too. Muslin swaddles also make great breastfeeding covers, tummy time blankets, stroller covers, or just a good, snuggle cuddle buddy.

What are some of your favourite items for newborn babe?


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