Living Healthy As A Family With RIPE Juicery



As a family, eating healthy is super important to both my husband and I. From the get go with Little, we’ve always tried our best to focus on a wide variety of organic (mostly) fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low sugar snacks (with plenty of cheating on this one lol), cruelty free meats and free range eggs. Its important to know what you’re putting into your body and especially, knowing where your food is coming from. And it’s important to know how much your body, and your overall health, can truly benefit from clean eating.



When RIPE Organic Cold Pressed Juicery opened up downtown in our little city, I’ll admit, I was super excited. Not only were owners Meghan and Lindsay super friendly and welcoming, but here was a easy, and enjoyable way to make sure we were getting more then enough of our fruits and vegetables in the forms of juices, salads, acai bowls, nut milks, smoothies, energy balls and elixirs. All made fresh in store, I might add.


Most importantly, they had their RIPE Minis Line, geared especially for kids-in four super fun, and super delicious flavours. Little adored them the first time he had them, and from then on, I started getting daily queries of, “We go get a super juice, mama?” (In reference to the Super Hero Orange he loved so much.) or “I have a strong apple, mommy?” (Referring to the Hulk Apple Juice). With pleasant fruit tastes, and added kick of greens, these kids juices are divine.

Hulk Apple- one of our favourites, made with apple, kale and lemon.

Superhero Orange- our second favourite in the line up, made with orange, carrot and lemon.

Green Monster- Made with pineapple, spinach and lemon.

Pink Candy- made with pineapple, strawberries and beets.



If juices aren’t your Little’s style, I definitely recommend you try one of RIPE’s smoothies. Made fresh for you with raw, organic ingredients, they’re creamy goodness in a cup. One of our favourites is the Strawberry Fields, so yummy and subtly sweet from the addition of dates, that even the smallest of mouths (my 1 year old niece in town for a visit) enjoy it.



For an extra special treat on occasion, we add one of RIPE’s energy balls in with our smoothies or juice. Offered in a variety of scrumptious flavours, our go to has always been the peanut butter. Dense, a little bit gooey and chewy, we could probably eat about a dozen of these little morsels in one sitting-and they are definitely a must have treat to try for everyone, large and small.


Make sure to stop in at RIPE in beautiful downtown Barrie. And I highly recommend you check them out online HERE– they also have local delivery available.

img_0898 img_0890






Photos (and beautiful baby girl) courtesy of my wonderfully talented sister Kate.


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