Family Cooking feat. Hello Fresh Canada

  • This is a sponsored post and is entirely my personal opinion in exchange for product.

I’m a very big fan of getting kids in the kitchen and letting them help, whether it be baking, or cooking a meal, or even just meal preparation-getting them involved not only exposes them to a variety of different foods in their different forms (cooked/uncooked/whole/cut open), but also encourages them to try new things and can help with fine motor skills, as well as skills for later in life when they’re cooking on their own.

So when Hello Fresh Canada approached me about featuring one of their meal boxes in a blog post, I was pumped. I, like I’m sure a lot of mom’s out there, love to cook-but absolutely hate meal planning. It’s stressful, I always end up forgetting ingredients, and sometimes the recipes end up being more complicated then they were first thought to be.

That’s where Hello Fresh saves the day. Meal prep is as simple as logging onto their app or web site, choosing the box you want for that week, placing your order, and ding dong, the box arrives on your door step filled with all the quality, fresh ingredients you need to make healthy, home cooked meals for your family.

The look on Little’s face in this picture says it all. This kid loves food and cooking so much, he was squealing when the Purolator truck pulled up and handed us our box. He definitely did not want to wait to take a picture before we opened it.

When we did finally dig into the insulated box, it was super easy to unpack, with each meal separated into their own individual, labelled boxes filled with all the ingredients you would need for that specific recipe. We chose Hello Fresh’s vegetarian box, because as a family, we generally eat vegan about 60% of the time due to a handful of reasons.

We pulled out the bright,colourful,step by step recipe cards,and quickly picked the recipe we wanted to make that night-the Farmhouse Vegetable Gratin.

Pulling up his helper chair and laying out the ingredients-we got right to chopping, organizing and of course tasting all the yummy, fresh zucchini,eggplant, bell peppers etc and getting our dinner cooking.

It was not only really easy to make, but also really easy to eat, as we finished the entire dish in one meal.

If you’re interested in trying HelloFresh Canada yourself, they have very generously offered our Canadian readers 50% off their first box with the promo code LOVELY50 to be entered at check out. You can find them on their web site here or download their easy to use app in the AppStore today!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Happy cooking!


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