Spelly Straws

Little loves his ABC’s-and he loves drinking from fun straws-so when I came across Spelly Straws-I knew he’d love them! 

These customizable drinking straws are not only super bright and colourful, but also really simple to put together and pull apart-making it a cinch for Little to practice spelling and sounding out whatever word or name he chooses-as often as he wants. 

We received the box of 44 pieces, which retails for $9 USD, and has more than enough pieces to help us get our Spelly fun started. They’re also available in boxes sized all the way up to 11,000 pieces for $1000 USD, which would be handy if you chose to use them as a fun add on to host a party or other event and wanted each guest to have their own straw. 

They’re wider mouth straws, making them comfortable to sip your beverage of choice from-as well as making them easy to clean by either hand washing or throwing them into your dishwasher. 

Check them out here on Kickstarter and add some bright, colourful, Spelly fun to your drink today! 


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