Maternity Pictures with Steel My Heart Photography


Being pregnant isn’t always the most glamourous, attractive feeling in the world. Especially towards the end. You feel large, and uncomfortable, and tired…the list goes on. But when I was offered the chance to work with Lauren from Steel My Heart Photography after I saw the splendid job she did with my niece’s newborn photos, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Not only did Lauren have amazing vision, but she made me feel like a beautiful, ethereal woman-a supermodel for the day-even when I can definitely say this pregnancy has definitely not made me feel that way.

Lauren was a delight to work with, open and accommodating (it was bitterly cold and windy the day we shot these and she made sure I was always toasty warm between takes) and just a sweet, kind, genuine person to get to know.

If you live in the Barrie area and you’d like to have some beautiful family memories captured, I highly suggest you contact Lauren through her web site here – I promise you’ll love the results as much as I did.



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